PARA KORE: An Alternative Voice for a Zero Waste World

I sometimes forget how extensive my knowledge is on rubbish! Like childbirth, I guess the hard work and times of pain completing my Masters Research project as an adult student 2 years ago are soon forgotten!

I feel so blessed to have been an adult student, able to focus many hours of work and interviews about an organisation that had inspired me. Para Kore, the national Māori Zero Waste organisation, bases its work to reduce wastage in Aotearoa new Zealand around indigenous Māori understandings, reconnecting people to their heritage and to the natural world, like their ancestors before them.

My thesis, including my findings from interviewing Para kore practitioners who speak of the doors which open towards greater health and wellbeing, increased sovereignty and in finding their voice as they reconnect with those who have goen before them, and those who will follow after, is to be found here, Para Kore: An Alternative Voice for a Zero Waste World


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