A Zero Waste Granny – on a journey for good

Its June 28 2016 and my thoughts are moving faster than my fingers can type.  I’m pleased to have found myself working alongside other locals to promote Plastic-Free July in our community.  Yet today I am trying to work out what I need to do.

It’s a journey to find my better self.   I’m finding the route map I need in the resurgence of  the true meaning of biculturalism in this, my adopted country. That there is a better way – a way to a more equitable society, a way to admit and redress the mistakes of our past. But it’s up to each one of us to make the right choice. I’ve got to commit to change myself, to alter the behaviour that appears to have served me well in the past, to seek out my better self, day by frigging day.

And so it is with single-use plastic. I’m an addict. Quitting is going to be so hard. I’m scared.

I already know I’m going to fail, to have to pick myself up, to ask forgiveness from my better self and start over. Again. And again.  That’s the scary part, the humiliating part. I’m so imperfect, so self-centred, so out for myself. It’s hard to change, though I want to. I need to. For a better future together for all our mokopuna, for my grandsons and yours, and yours, and yours.   I know there’s a greatness within me I can tap into, we all have it. I see it in others, that they can lead, they can change, they can inspire.  I’m committed. I’m signing up to change the future step by small step. Its my new plastic-free manifesto.