Facebook Post 28/6/16

I’ve signed up for the whole month of July. To quit single-use plastic. 3 months ago I’d never even heard of single-use plastic. Now what’s going on?
I’m an addict, I can see that. To single-use plastic. What I can’t see is how I can cope without it – its central to my day. Its so convenient. I’m hooked. On a busy eveninfirst-8-days-usageg, I tear open a packet and create a meal. I cover the leftovers. Leaving home the next day, a courier parcel arrives, an internet order. I stop on my journey and buy a quick snack…. You get my drift.
You know what scares me the most? That I’ll fail. Publicly. I’m standing up saying, here I am at 58 years old, and I’m a single-use plastic addict. I can’t see how I can quit. I’m hooked on plastic and its convenience. I’ll be so ashamed when I fail.
I came to the Bay of Islands to live 30 years ago. It was my every dream come true. Living by the sea. Enjoying the Bay. 30 years of swimming, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking. And a view of the sea. I’ve valued the sea, I’ve used the sea.
I’ve got two gorgeous grandsons, 3 amazing daughters, and I look to their future, knowing that I am an addict. A single-use plastic addict with an addiction that supports the destruction of their future.
Today I’m still not clear what scares me more. Aiding and abetting the destruction of their future or quitting my addiction.
At least today there’s still 3 days to go…. #plasticfreejuly#noexcuseforsingleuse #myplasticyourmokupuna



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